Buienalarm vs. Buienradar

So, today I had the chance to observe the relative accuracy of buienalarm.nl vs. buienradar.nl


Audit Testing


An automated software testing technique is presented which spares us from having to stipulate our expectations in test code, and from having to go fixing test code each time our expectations change.


Artificial Code Coverage


In this paper I put forth the proposition that contrary to popular belief, 100% code coverage can be a very advantageous thing to have, and I discuss a technique for achieving it without excessive effort.


The most important quality of software

What is the most important quality of software?

Correctness, they say.

And what is the second most important quality of software?

Readability, they say.

That is right, but only in theory.


Types of dependencies

The term "dependency" is used very often in software engineering, but depending on context, it may mean slightly different things. To avoid confusion, here are the different meanings of the term, and their explanations.