Notable severely down-voted answers of mine on Stack Exchange

Among the answers that I have given to thousands of different questions on stackoverflow.com and softwareengineering.stackexchange.com, some have been vehemently down-voted.

Sometimes I make mistakes; when that is the case, I delete my answer; however, in other cases, the down-votes represent opinon which is in disagreement with my opinion, and in those cases I let my down-voted answers be, since I stand by my own convictions.

I suppose that this is the price you has to pay for: a) having your own opinions; and b) daring to voice them: there will always be some folks who will take offense.

Here is a list of my severely down-voted answers, so that you too can take offense and down-vote them even further:

Stack Overflow: api design - Which HTTP code is most suitable for when an endpoint is "full"?

Software Engineering: api design - Should a REST API return a 500 Internal Server Error to indicate that a query references an object that does not exist?

Software Engineering: grammar - Does it make sense to use "ys" instead of "ies" in identifiers to ease find-and-replace functionality?

Software Engineering: java - Is it okay to have objects that cast themselves, even if it pollutes the API of their subclasses?