Incremental Integration Testing

Incremental integration testing logo by michael.gr

A new method for Automated Software Testing is presented as an alternative to Unit Testing. The new method retains the benefit of Unit Testing, which is Defect Localization, but eliminates the need for mocking, thus greatly lessening the effort of writing and maintaining tests.


Software Testing with Fakes instead of Mocks

What are fakes, what are their benefits, and why they are uncontestably preferable over mocks. Also, how to create fakes if needed.



50 things expected of developers

Games industry veteran Mike Acton gave talk/rant at GDC (Game Developers' Conference) 2019 where he listed 50 things he expects of developers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV5HArLYajE  This list was transcribed by Adam Johnson and posted here: https://adamj.eu/tech/2022/06/17/mike-actons-expectations-of-professional-software-engineers/ and I am copying it here for posterity.

I found this list useful as reference material; some of the items on this list do not apply to my job because I rarely do anything especially performance-oriented nowadays, and some of the items on the list are good to always have in mind but subject to the programmer's own judgement, on a case by case basis, whether they should be practiced or not.

Here it is: