The Ju52 cocktail

How to make a Ju52:

In a tall glass with NO ice:

1 part coffee liquor (e.g. KahlĂșa)

1 part cream liquor (e.g. Bailey's)

1 part orange liquor (e g. Grand Marnier)

2 parts cold milk.

The special guy that I am, I had to go invent my own cocktail. As its name betrays, it is very similar to B52. In fact, it is just B52 with cold milk instead of ice. The replacement of ice with cold milk brings the following benefits:


On preferred pronouns

It is becoming customary in western societies to ask people in various settings to state their preferred pronouns. It started among younger people of the particularly woke persuasion, and it is spreading everywhere. When I find myself in such a setting, I do of course go along, because doing otherwise would be awkward, but I hope that it is only a fad which will eventually go away. While waiting to see how it pans out, let me describe a few issues I have with it.