Buienalarm vs. Buienradar

So, today I had the chance to observe the relative accuracy of buienalarm.nl vs. buienradar.nl

Time: ~13:00

Around 13:00 I wanted to know what the weather was going to be at 17:00, and I noticed that buienradar was predicting complete dryness, whereas buienalarm was predicting torrential rain.

Here are the screenshots:

Buienradar ~13:00

Buienalarm ~13:00

Time: ~16:00

When I checked again around 16:00, buienradar was showing more or less the same thing, while buienalarm had completely changed its mind!

Buienradar ~16:00

Buienalarm ~16:00

Time: 17:00

Sure enough, at 17:00 the weather was completely dry.  Here is the view from my office window:

Cover image: "Relief map of the European Netherlands" from Wikipedia

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