Is my mentor's concern for code quality excessive?

There is this question that was asked on Programmers SE on Jun 12, 2015 which I answered, and as a result I received plenty of reputation, as well as a silver badge. Unfortunately, after a few days the question was closed as primarily opinion-based and then deleted.  Since I now have sufficient reputation to view deleted questions, I was able to find it, and I am posting it here for posterity.

Is my mentor's concern for code quality excessive? [closed]

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To tell you a little about myself: I'm a newbie programmer working internships and learning a lot from experienced programmers. I can't believe I used to think I was good in college.

The one I'm doing right now is pretty great due to the amount of time and resources that the company is putting into helping and mentoring me and another intern. I'm learning a whole lot and for the first time, I feel like I get close to being competent.

The only "problem" are the massive code quality concerns of one of my mentors. It's to the point that anything takes a whole lot of time because I have to find the best way to do it or else it's a waste of time. It also feels like my creativity doesn't matter because there is only one right way to do everything. I don't mind any of this at all but I wonder, and this is mainly what I'm asking, if it's normal in the industry.

Also, when I get assigned a little feature and this guy reviews my code, he actually reviews the whole codebase I'm working on, pointing out loads of mistakes, most of them from before I was even hired. I have spent this whole week fixing code (that worked) written by their full-time programmers, even some things that are best practice according to other mentors.

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Here it is:


Why Oracle Sucks

Oracle talks a lot about 11g Express Edition, and how it differs from the full (paid) versions of their database, but it does not say a word about the most important thing:
Is it compatible at the SQL syntax level?
No way to find out other than to try it.  So, let's try it.