Problem Severity Calculation Formula

The Mike Nakis formula for calculating the severity of a problem:

S = I × G × T


  • S is the severity of the problem.
  • I is the impact of the problem.
  • G is the geographic pervasiveness of the problem.
  • T is the temporal pervasiveness of the problem.


Simplification of triple-choice prompts to dual-choice

I have a lot to say about the modern trend in graphical user interface design which aims to achieve an impossibly clean look at the expense of usability, but this is going to be the subject of another blog post. In this post, I want to talk about simplifying the user interface when the simplification is clearly a win, both from a usability point of view and, incidentally, from an aesthetics point of view. Specifically, I want to show how a yes/no/cancel prompt can be reduced to just a yes/cancel prompt.


Buienalarm vs. Buienradar

So, today I had the chance to observe the relative accuracy of buienalarm.nl vs. buienradar.nl