"Andy" android emulator - Avoid it like the plague.

If you were thinking of installing the "Andy" android emulator on your PC, think again.  Here is my experience with it:

  1. The installable file (Andy_46.2_207_x64bit.exe) is 431 MB, so it took a really long time to download.
  2. It installed VMware without asking me, so the installation took a really long time.
  3. It installed some "Bonjour Service" by Apple, Inc. without asking me.
  4. It replaced all my .apk icons with its own icon without asking me. (I am using apk shell extension and I much prefer it that way.)
  5. During installation, there were 15 attempts to call home by "Andy" and/or by other crapware that it installed.  (I have a firewall, so I didn't let any of that happen.)
  6. At the end of the installation, it popped up a message box saying that the installation failed because it could not detect my internet connection, and that it requires internet access in order to install.
  7. Despite the failed installation message, "Andy" was found under "installed programs" so I uninstalled it.
  8. During uninstallation there were a couple of more attempts to call home.
  9. After uninstallation it left "Bonjour Service" installed, so I had to go find it and uninstall it too.
  10. After uninstallation it left an "Andy" folder on the root of my user folder, which I had to delete.

What a piece of crapware!


Solved: “something went wrong” trying to create new user account on Windows 10

So, while trying to create a new user account on my Windows 10 computer, I get this:

The solution:

1. Start a command prompt as administrator.

2. Type the following command:
     net user <username> <password> /add

Voila, the user has been created. 

What in fact went wrong is that Microsoft completely broke Windows after Windows 7.