[SOLVED] In Windows, how to recover an invisible application window


  • You are using a laptop with one or more external monitors at home and (a different set of external monitors) at the office.


  • Every once in a while, when you switch between home and office, some buggy application will not handle its screen positioning correctly, so it will open up out of the screen. In the taskbar you can see that the application has launched, but the application window is invisible.

Steps to fix:

  1. Switch to the application by clicking on its taskbar icon. 
    • Nothing seems to happen, but the application does receive keyboard focus.
  2. Press [Alt]+[Space].
    • The system menu of the application should now appear on one of the corners of one of your monitors; if not, continue following the instructions anyway.
  3. In the system menu, select "Move".
    • If you cannot see the menu, just press the [Down Arrow] key once, and then the [Enter] key.
  4. Press one of the arrow keys, e.g. the [Left Arrow].
    • This should start the window moving.
  5. Move the mouse.
    • This should bring the window into one of the monitors.
  6. Position the window where you want it, and click the mouse once to drop it there.

As it turns out, other people have also had this problem, and they have found solutions that are more complete than mine, or even completely different and better than mine: superuser.com - How to move windows that open up offscreen?