Common mistakes Dutchies make in the use of English

City Skyline Across Body Of Water In The Evening In Rotterdam, The Netherlands by Scopio from NounProject.com

Object-adjective instead of adjective-object.

"I will learn you how to skate." ("Learn" instead of "Teach".)

"When you want, we also have it in white." ("When" instead of "If".)

"Let's meet at sex." ("Sex" instead of "Six".)

"Dear colleagues, hereby the schedule." ("Hereby" instead of "Here is" or "Hereby I give you".)

"I am a cineville" ("cineville" instead of "cinefille") -- there is even a .nl domain misspelled this way.

"We have lot's of bicycle's" (Genitive instead of plural suffix.)

"Meet you at the busstop" (Concatenating words that are not normally concatenated in English.)

Dutch pronunciation rules cause some really weird phenomena, for example when you call Vodafone, the operator informs you that you have reached "Fodavone".

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