tattoodavie's woes

This is so funny I had to share it.

Somewhere in some troubleshooting forum (it does not matter where) a certain technical issue is being discussed (it does not matter what) and user 'tattoodavie' leaves the following comment:
i have the same problem but i have windows 7 ultimate 7600 installed on an asus X83Vb-X2 notebook, but i also have another problem... i cant get into the bios and set the clock, change the settings... nothing...its password protected. it was my ex-girlfriends, she bought the laptop, but gave it to me for me for my birthday, turns out it came from a pawn shop, which one i will never know, seeing as how we cant talk to eachother any more (court order) i have no clue how i can clear the password. I have had it for some time now, and have grown too attached to it to. i just installed windows 7 and the new NVIDIA 182 driver for its GeForce 9300m GS 512mb graphix card. and now every time i restart this thing it sets the time and date back to 12/05/2008. I assume thats the date it was built. any ideas what the he** is going on?
Okay, it is from here: social.technet.microsoft.comWindows 7 64 bit and Asus P5Q BIOS issue

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