C# Blooper №8: No warnings for conditions that are always true/false

Before reading any further, please read the disclaimer.

The Microsoft C# compiler does not issue 'condition is always true' and 'condition is always false' warnings. Perhaps these warnings are not particularly meaningful in Java, which lacks conditional compilation directives, and therefore if( true ) and if( false ) are the only means of achieving conditional compilation; but in C#, which has special conditional compilation directives, conditions which are always true or always false are invariably so by mistake; therefore, these warnings would indeed be meaningful, and useful.

namespace Test8
    class Test
        void statement() { }

        void test()
            if( true ) //no warning about 'condition is always true'.

            while( false ) //no warning about 'condition is always false', even though the compiler obviously knows what's going on, since the following warning is issued:
                statement(); //warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected 

For more information see Why the Microsoft C# compiler lacks many useful warnings.


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