Things that I want to build

In engineering, a salaried employee can be thought of as someone who makes a living by building something that someone else wants to have built. I am currently working at a company, for a salary, so I am already doing this; thus, I have very little reason to change employer and find myself in a similar situation: building something that yet someone else wants to have built.

What I want to do next is build things that I want to build, so the trick is to find an employer that has a need for the same things; whether for salary or under some other compensation scheme, this is to be decided. 

This post is a list of things that I want to build.

Neptunium: An application development platform, intended to change the way web development is done, essentially bringing an end to full-stack development.

Fidi: A framework for creating technical software design documents and deploying them as running software systems, intended to change both how we do design, and how we do deployment.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact me.  My e-mail address is on the right sidebar of my blog.